Sunday, September 25, 2011


It is very difficult to pay zakat for a Taweez. Usually a recitation is performed for 21 to 40 days. Then it is required that the taweez is written 125000 times. This method is practiced by professional Amels. But for your convenience, I am writing down an easy method to bring effectiveness to any taweez.

Alot of people complain that the taweez that they use do not work or show effectiveness. Here is an incident that I want to share prior to revealing the easy method.

A man went to a buzurg (Saint) and complained that he didn't believe in Taweez. The saint called him a Donkey. This insult enraged the man. When the saint saw his angry face, he smiled and said: " See how a single word can ignite such strong emotions in you! Similarly words of ALLAH have the same effect on men. A taweez can ignite the same emotions when they are activated."

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Anonymous said...

So Where is the easy Method?

Anonymous said...

Mashallah nice story, but I dont see the method for Zakaat for Taweez.
Please direct me,

Ali Yahaya Muhammad said...

how can i pay?

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