Sunday, September 25, 2011

How to maintain the strength of a taweez!

If someone wants to maintain the strength of a taweez he is using, then he should do the following;
If the taweez is from a Quranic Sura, then one must recite the sura several times a day. If the Sura is long, then one should recite it lesser and so on.
To maintain the strength of a taweez against the spell of a magician, it is required that you must first assess the strength of the spell that has been cast on you.
Like one can sense wind, storms and hail, the strength of a magic spell can also be sensed and felt. For example:
If the victim is performing a recital 2000 times and is sending 2000 soldiers to attack, but the victim is only reciting 111 time, then his defense will obviously be not as strong as the magician's. The defence recitals should always be more than the attackers. Therefore we mush strengthen the taweez in equality (or more) with the power of the magician.
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