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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Method of Extracting Numericals (Addat)

To extract the number (Addat) of any name or verse, you have to know about the numbers of Haroof-Tahji.
Usually Haroof-e-Tahji is extracted from the lunar, and is then used accordingly for the required purpose.
Here is an example of a chart so that you can easily understand what I am trying to teach.

These are the abjad Kamre (Lunar Alphabets) and each alphabet has a number underneath it.
Here is an example of the name "Ahmed". I will extract it's number for you.
MEEM- 40
Addition of all the numbers result in 53. Hence 53 is the number for Ahmed.
Here is another example. I will extract the number of an ayat (Verse) for you.
Bismillah hir rahamaan nir raheem
SIN - 60
MEEM- 40
LAAM - 30
LAAM- 30
LAAM- 30
RAH- 200
MEEM- 40
LAAM- 30
RAH- 200
YEAH- 10
MEEM- 40
Addition of all these alphabets are calculated to be 786. This means that 786 is the numerical for the verse.
You can extract numbers for any name or verse, following the chart. Hope this was helpful.

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Aqua Depth said...

we can extract number for any verse by this method then what will do with this number
what is the use of this number
and how will i know who is effected by magic or who is in good condition by this number

i saw some aamil people who calculate number by asking name of person and his mother name
then the aamil tell about that person whether he is effected by magic, jinn or nothing
so please explain what is the use of number and how to use

Anonymous said...

I read ur blog on how to remove black magic and appreciate what u have written there so I thought I contact u
Sir, my sister has been suffering headache for almost the past 6 months and we have consulted every kind of doctor but to no avail people say it's magic(God forbid) could please kindly help us as to what should we do she is 12 hears old
Thank you in advance!