Sunday, September 25, 2011



Dear Readers,

We see a lot of people who keep hanging the same taweez around their necks for several years. Let me explain to you how a Taweez works.

Every spiritual word/verse/kalam has a spiritual entity alloted to it that works under that verse or word. The spiritual entity is ordered to carry out tasks and only then it works. But that spiritual entity is fixed for one time only, not for your entire life.

Recitations are performed on Taweez and their zakat is given to make them more effective. Just consider that soldiers are deputed on a taweez to protect someone. For example a taweez has 1000 soldiers on duty. Similarly a Magician sends in 500 soldiers to attack the victim. A conflict takes place and both parties lose soldiers in the battle. Now consider that the taweez is left with 400 soldiers only. If the magician sends in more soldiers from its end, the taweez won't be as effective as it was earlier. So if you do not perform recitals on a taweez, it will lose its power.

Hope everyone understands now.

remember me in your prayers
amel soname
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